Truly fascinating


Do you ever just look up at the sky and get lost in admiration? I could look out the window and just stare for hours on end without realizing. It’s actually happened more than once, and to be honest, I’m not even surprised anymore when I catch myself dreaming because who wouldn’t be fascinated by nature?

The world is so amazing, really. I mean the fact that there are so many more stars and planets and galaxies beyond the sky is enough to excite me. Ever since I was little, I have loved everything that has to do with outer-space. If anything, my love for astronomy has only grown over the years. Do you ever wonder what would have happened if humans had never reached the level of technology we have today? What if space shuttles or rockets were never invented? What a nightmare.

Allie x

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My Time Away


After almost 10 months of being gone, I’ve finally decided to start blogging again. During these past 10 ish months, a lot has happened. So many people have come and gone, I’ve met so many wonderful people, made amazing friends. I even left the country with my family for a few weeks during summer, we really needed a break. Of course, there is more but those are tales to be told another time.

As of right now, I just wanted to briefly share what I have been up to. Well, I’ve started the first year of my A-Levels, and let me tell you a thing. AS requires full commitment and devotion to studying, kinda hard for a huge procrastinator like myself. That’s part of the reason I haven’t been blogging at all, because of the stress of completing IGCSE and then starting AS level. I thought it would be good if I started this again, I mean after all I really do enjoy it. And also, I have so much to share with you guys but I don’t really know where to begin.

Anyways, to keep my sanity and to unwind at the end of a stressful day/week, I’ll always head towards my last resort; books. Reading is my escape, you know what I mean? But some people *cough* jakey *cough*, say reading is boring. There’s nothing like a good book, a cup of coffee, a huge t-shirt, and super fuzzy sweatpants. Am I right or am I right?

All my paragraphs start with an ‘A‘, how cool is that? not. Yeah, that’s all I have, I’ll post again soon.

Lots of love,

Allie x

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After agess.

Hello, how are you? It’s so typical of me to talk about myself, I’m sorry. 🙈 But I’m going to have to talk about myself anywayss. 😂 I know I know, I said I wouldn’t make Adele references anymore but I just haaad to because it fit in so perfectly there. Another thing, I’m superrr sorry for not posting consistently like I used to. I’ve been busy studying so I haven’t been able to post daily and in addition to that, I still have a massive writer’s block 😭

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You ❤️

After ages of thinking about words I could use to describe you, I’ve come to think of you as indescribable.

And to say you’ve crossed my mind would be impossible, because let’s just say you never left.

It’s like everything that I’ll ever need, all in one person.

You. ❤️


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They don’t know

They don’t know the real me

The one that’s all pretend

The me that might seem happy

But has thoughts running till 2 am

They don’t know

They don’t know I’ve feelings too

I’m only human after all

I make mistakes and have my flaws

They’ve made me build up walls

They don’t know

They don’t know I like being me

All my jokes and smiles and scars

Always trying to change and control

Well guess what? I don’t people-please

They just don’t know

They don’t know how much you mean to me

But all they choose to see

Is the non-existent ‘obsession’ I have for you

And what a bitch that makes me

I fail to see how my happiness has anything to do with them

All I know is that I’m not perfect

And trust me I’m trying my best

They don’t know

Allie M  17/oct/2015

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New Beginnings ✨💜


Hey peeps! 🐥 Soooo.. it’s 2016.. It doesn’t feel like it though, does it? It’s like you just blink and then boom! It’s a new yeaaar. 🎉 I wonder how many times I’ll accidentally write 2015 instead of 2016 in my notebooks..

How was last year for you guys? I know for a fact that it was a bit tough for us directioners, but we made it through and I couldn’t be prouder of us as a family ❤️ Keep smilinggg (like the smileys on my leggings 😂). Shout out to all of you directioners out there, love you guys.

Apart from that, I think 2015 was a pretty decent year for me compared to the previous ones and I know I’m going to make 2016 even better. This year is going to be amazing for all of us.

This year is a fresh start for everything, make it good. Start over. Create a new beginning.  Smile so much more than you did last year, I know you can. This is your story to be written. ❤️

Here are some of my new year’s resolutions:

  • Stress less
  • Treasure my treasures
  • Love more
  • Organize myself
  • Study harder
  • Eat cleaner
  • Spend more time with friends and family
  • Grow my blog
  • Live the life I want
  • Overcome a fear
  • Learn another language
  • Continue being Queen 👸🏼

Those are just a few, I’ve got moreee. So yeah, have a great year ahead!

Allie xo


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Style Icon: Perrie Edwards

Hello from the other siiiiidee – of the screen. How are you all? Today’s post is about my fashion inspiration (and basically my role model in many ways)- the one and only Perrie Edwards.

images (1)

She’s a total beauty with a great sense of fashion. Over the years, she’s become even more gorgeous if nothing else. I chose her as one of my style icons because, she looks good no matter what she wears.

images (2)
slays even when casual

See what I mean? She’s dressed completely casually and relaxed and is still killing it. I wish I could look that good all the time. But the again, everyone’s beautiful in their own way.


images (1)

The best thing about Pez is her confidence. She doesn’t necessarily care about how she looks, and she’s happy that way.  All of you should have confidence in yourself, it’s one of the most important things you’ll need. Trusts me, you’ll be happier. You can rule the world with confidence.


Perrie is amazing, as you can see. As I said before, it’s her confidence that’s gotten her where she is today. Confidence is a gift, no lies.


See you x

picture credits: google images
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50 Facts About Me

○I hate racism.
○I’m great with kids.
○I’m afraid to be in a room full of people I don’t know.
○I see beauty in everything.
○I love listening to music.
○I love being in the mood where everything is hilarious.
○I love singing/to myself.
○I laugh/cry for no reason sometimes.
○I talk to myself.
○I’m a fitness addict.
○I’m weird.
○I’m short.
○I get bored easily.
○I’d rather stay in bed with a laptop.
○I always make up stories in my head.
○I’m either always hungry or not hungry at all.
○I can spend hours doing nothing.
○I daydream alot.
○I have unrealistic fantasies.
○I’m childish.
○I’m obsessed with quotes.
○I have a huge collection of words.
○I have a weird imagination.
○Music motivates me.
○I love being sarcastic.
○I like making people smile.
○I hate math.
○I love working out.
○I’m stubborn.
○I like baking.
○English is my first language.
○I’m multilingual.
○I like making lists.
○I love sleeping.
○I procrastinate alot.
○I’m comfortable with silence.
○I’m a brunette.
○I’m clumsy.
○I have light brown eyes.
○I sing in the shower.
○I love fashion.
○I love tea/coffee.
○I can’t swim.
○I could be in a pool for hours.
○I smile at strangers.
○I love little kids.
○I hate waking up early and being woken up.
○I only wear what I’m comfortable in.
○I love beaches.
○I’m different.
Annnnnd a bonus fact- I love my present and future followers ♡

Allie x

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The story behind my blog’s name

I believe everything has a story behind it. Be it a short story -even a sentence long- or a long one, there’s always something to be told, isn’t there? It didn’t take too long for me to come up with my blog name because I decided I’d just describe myself as this blog is all me, to share who I am with the world.

I came up with the name ‘The Little Black Rose’ for a number of reasons which I’ll discuss right now.

I’ll start with ‘Little’. Anyone who knows me would know that I’m a petite person. I’m short (5 ft to be exact) and yeah, you get the picture. And when I say petite, I mean just small or tiny, not skinny. Skinny is my sister, not me. Even though I’m not ‘skinny’, I’m in no way fat. You could say I’m fit, all into working out and stuff. I’m little,  like I have to look up at almost half of the people I know when I talk to them. That’s part of the reason I like kids, they make me feel big.

“Black”. The colour black is my favourite colour. I like to think that people who wear black tend to have colourful minds. Some of you may argue with this,  but it’s entirely my opinion. I also believe that the colour black shows confidence and that the person is strong, I don’t know why I believe that though,  it’s weird I know.

Now for my favourite part; “Rose”. Just last week, maybe a little after midnight, I was talking to a really close friend of mine. Now you see, when it gets late and I’m tired, I either start laughing like an idiot and doing other random stuff or I get really really honest. Too honest sometimes. Or both. So while I was talking to this guy, I just randomly went “I’m a rose.” Obviously anyone would ask why, and this was my exact explanation:
“roses have thorns.  they’re like ‘bitch don’t touch me im too pretty too be touched.  touch me and I hurt you’ unless you’re careful with me,  you’ll get hurt. and they’re delicate. so im a rose.”

And then all of a sudden, I went “shitt I got it” and then I said this:
“ok ok so if there is a guy and a girl, whether they’re dating or married or siblings or whatever,  the guy is the thorn and he’s protecting his rose bc he loves her and doesn’t want her to get hurt and shit.”
After that I just sat there, proud to have a weird and very random imagination, and started thinking about who my thorn actually is. Because I’m amazing like that haha.

Okay so then I put those three words together and that’s pretty much the story behind my blog name. Tell me what you think of it.

Allie x

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