Summer ’17 Reading List

If you like reading, then good for you. If you don’t, well then I don’t like you good for you too. If you guys didn’t already know, I’m in love with books. Books never fail to make me feel better or to satisfy my need for exploration and adventure. I’ve been reading since a little before I turned 4; I read books that were way more advanced for my age. I was always the kid that had her nose stuck in a book (and I believe I still am that person). As a kid in elementary school, I would spend every free moment in the library. And bear in mind, our school library was huge. Or at least to 8 year old me it was. Sometimes I’d read the same books all over, yet each time felt like a completely different journey. I love reading so much, but lately, I haven’t read as much as I used to. So to make up for all those missed hours, I’m going to read all summer long. How amazing does that sound? Here’s my reading list for this summer.

Summer 2017 Reading List

  1. Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (1884) – Mark Twain
  2. Beautiful Thoughts (1892) – Henry Drummond
  3. Black Beauty (1877) – Anna Sewell
  4. David Copperfield (1850) – Charles Dickens
  5. Emma (1815) – Jane Austen
  6. Frankenstein (1818) – Mary Shelley
  7. Great Expectations (1861) – Charles Dickens
  8. The Great Gatsby (1925) – F. Scott Fitzgerald
  9. Gulliver’s Travels (1726) – Jonathan Swift
  10. Hamlet (1604) – William Shakespeare
  11. Jane Eyre (1847) – Charlotte Brontë 
  12. A Lover’s Complaint (1609) – William Shakespeare
  13. Macbeth (1623) – William Shakespeare
  14. Middlemarch (1871-2) – George Elliot
  15. Oliver Twist (1837) – Charles Dickens
  16. Persuasion (1817) – Jane Austen
  17. Pride and Prejudice (1813) – Jane Austen
  18. The Professor (1857) – Charlotte Brontë 
  19. The Refugees (1893) – Arthur Conan Doyle
  20. Romeo and Juliet (1597) – William Shakespeare
  21. The Scarlet Letter (1850) – Nathaniel Hawthorne
  22. The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1886) – Robert Louis Stevenson
  23. A Tale of Two Cities (1859) – Charles Dickens
  24. To Be Read at Dusk (1852) – Charles Dickens
  25. Wuthering Heights (1847) – Emily Brontë 

“Boooooring” is what you might think but shhh. These are a very very interesting collection of books. Of course, I have more that I want to add but I think I’ll end it there. Also, the present day books are for another time.

Almira x

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Would you change the past?


I’m sure everyone has been asked this question at least once if not more, and they’ve all answered it differently. Would you change the past if you could? Well, this is my answer.

Simply, no. If I could change the past, I would not do it. Why? Because even if the slightest thing from my past is altered, my whole life would be laid out completely differently. Like the butterfly effect; small causes can have large effects. I wouldn’t have the same friends, the same thoughts. I wouldn’t be me. Of course, I’ve had horrible things happen in the past, as has everyone else I’m sure. But you see, that’s exactly what shapes us. That’s what makes us who we are today. One can’t always expect everything to be perfect right? Perhaps not. Without the hard times, we would never be able to recognize the blessings we’ve been given, and I think everyone should realize that. If I went back and stopped myself from being bullied, I would never have learned to stand up for myself. If I went back and stopped people from leaving, I would have never learned to be independent and mature. Likewise, if I went back and saved myself from being hurt, or from having scars, I wouldn’t be as strong as I  am now.

As cliché as it sounds, I am a firm believer of the phrase “everything happens for a reason.” Hence, even if I were given the chance to change my past, I wouldn’t take it.

But the again, that’s just my opinion.

Almira x

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When you finally get out of your comfort zone

What exactly is this so-called comfort zone? Well, a comfort zone is a state of mind, you could say; a situation that you would feel the most relaxed and comfortable being in. Whether it be in bed all snuggled up, watching your favorite series, or sitting in your reading nook surrounded by books, everyone has a comfort zone.

Let me tell you a thing or two that I’ve learned about the comfort zone from experience. Although you may feel safe being in your comfort zone, it’s not exactly your friend. Of course, it may seem like a beautiful place – and I’m not saying it isn’t – but by staying inside your comfort zone, you’re not allowing yourself to grow as a person.

Now though it may sound scary to some, you’ve got to get out of your comfort zone. Preferably sooner than later. By doing so, you’re allowing yourself to be more productive and bring about positive changes in your life. You’ll discover new things, learn stuff about yourself that you didn’t already know, and you’ll find yourself happier than ever. You just need to believe in yourself and take that leap of faith. When you get out of your comfort zone, it enables you to feel more confident, boosts your self-esteem, and it also helps you to overcome fears. You’ll feel proud of yourself, believe me.

That’s all I have to say, for now at least. Just thought I’d put it out there.


Allie x

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Truly fascinating


Do you ever just look up at the sky and get lost in admiration? I could look out the window and just stare for hours on end without realizing. It’s actually happened more than once, and to be honest, I’m not even surprised anymore when I catch myself dreaming because who wouldn’t be fascinated by nature?

The world is so amazing, really. I mean the fact that there are so many more stars and planets and galaxies beyond the sky is enough to excite me. Ever since I was little, I have loved everything that has to do with outer-space. If anything, my love for astronomy has only grown over the years. Do you ever wonder what would have happened if humans had never reached the level of technology we have today? What if space shuttles or rockets were never invented? What a nightmare.

Allie x

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My Time Away


After almost 10 months of being gone, I’ve finally decided to start blogging again. During these past 10 ish months, a lot has happened. So many people have come and gone, I’ve met so many wonderful people, made amazing friends. I even left the country with my family for a few weeks during summer, we really needed a break. Of course, there is more but those are tales to be told another time.

As of right now, I just wanted to briefly share what I have been up to. Well, I’ve started the first year of my A-Levels, and let me tell you a thing. AS requires full commitment and devotion to studying, kinda hard for a huge procrastinator like myself. That’s part of the reason I haven’t been blogging at all, because of the stress of completing IGCSE and then starting AS level. I thought it would be good if I started this again, I mean after all I really do enjoy it. And also, I have so much to share with you guys but I don’t really know where to begin.

Anyways, to keep my sanity and to unwind at the end of a stressful day/week, I’ll always head towards my last resort; books. Reading is my escape, you know what I mean? But some people *cough* jakey *cough*, say reading is boring. There’s nothing like a good book, a cup of coffee, a huge t-shirt, and super fuzzy sweatpants. Am I right or am I right?

All my paragraphs start with an ‘A‘, how cool is that? not. Yeah, that’s all I have, I’ll post again soon.

Lots of love,

Allie x

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50 Facts About Me

○I hate racism.
○I’m great with kids.
○I’m afraid to be in a room full of people I don’t know.
○I see beauty in everything.
○I love listening to music.
○I love being in the mood where everything is hilarious.
○I love singing/to myself.
○I laugh/cry for no reason sometimes.
○I talk to myself.
○I’m a fitness addict.
○I’m weird.
○I’m short.
○I get bored easily.
○I’d rather stay in bed with a laptop.
○I always make up stories in my head.
○I’m either always hungry or not hungry at all.
○I can spend hours doing nothing.
○I daydream alot.
○I have unrealistic fantasies.
○I’m childish.
○I’m obsessed with quotes.
○I have a huge collection of words.
○I have a weird imagination.
○Music motivates me.
○I love being sarcastic.
○I like making people smile.
○I hate math.
○I love working out.
○I’m stubborn.
○I like baking.
○English is my first language.
○I’m multilingual.
○I like making lists.
○I love sleeping.
○I procrastinate alot.
○I’m comfortable with silence.
○I’m a brunette.
○I’m clumsy.
○I have light brown eyes.
○I sing in the shower.
○I love fashion.
○I love tea/coffee.
○I can’t swim.
○I could be in a pool for hours.
○I smile at strangers.
○I love little kids.
○I hate waking up early and being woken up.
○I only wear what I’m comfortable in.
○I love beaches.
○I’m different.
Annnnnd a bonus fact- I love my present and future followers ♡


Allie x