Just paper?

Reading is the best thing ever. Well, one of the best things at least. Once you pick up a book and start reading, you enter this whole new realm; you forget where you are or who you’re with, and all you can focus on are the words on the pages in front of you. These words, how much power they must hold. You’re suddenly a completely different person – you’re on an adventure, experiencing new things, living a new life. How magical is that? My love for reading is part of the reason that I know what I know, it’s why I love learning so much. I could sit in a library (or even a bookstore), a book in hand, just reading for hours and hours on end, in that comforting library kinda silence. If that’s boring to you then byeee. The best part about reading is that you’ll never run out of options to choose from. Books come in so many different forms, shapes, sizes, and genres, I’m in love. Well not really in different shapes, but you get it. They aren’t just pieces of paper bound together, they aren’t just useless decoration items to be placed on a bookshelf but never to be read. Books are magical places, worlds, that you can hold in your hands, and I think that’s wonderful. Books make life fun and colorful and it’s so amazing. For anyone who loves a good adventure but doesn’t read, I’m sorry but you’re missing out a shit ton.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to the same one thing: Words fascinate me. So much so that sometimes it’s uncomfortable and overwhelming, if that makes any sense.

Life without books is a big no-no.

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