I’m going on an adventure – The Wanderlust Series

Hii. My family and I are going on a little trip for the weekend, but I would like to think of it as an adventure – I’m going on an adventure. I even made a tiny song thing about it because that’s how excited I am.

Traveling -or adventures – make me happy; I love exploring/wandering/traveling, and all the experiences they bring with. Also, they give me great stories to tell later on. It helps to get me out of my comfort zone and to find things that I didn’t even know I was looking for. It’s just amazing all-in-all. From the excitement of being in the airport and the thrill of being in an airplane to hotel rooms with super comfy beds and an amazing gym (sorry but I had to) – it’s an experience worth having over and over again. For these next few days, I’m starting a new blog series called the wanderlust series because why not.

Talk soon,

Allie x

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