50 Facts About Me – Again

About a year ago, I had written the typical  ’50 facts about me’ post that everyone seems to be writing. Seeing as that was so long ago, I’ve decided to do a part 2 because why not? This is for those of you who might actually be interested in getting to know me a tiny bit.

  1. I love astronomy. Anything that has to do with stars or galaxies or the sky or universes – all that fascinates me.
  2. I love eating and I’m always hungry.
  3. I love pizza – pepperoni especially, because eh I just like it.
  4. I’m a very weird person.
  5. I’m terrified of open heights. Also deep water.
  6. I can’t swim – I don’t get why people say swimming is easy because it isn’t.
  7. I’m super ticklish all over. If you tickle me, I will hurt you.
  8. I hate all tea except green tea.
  9. I love black coffee – it’s my go-to when I pull an all-nighter or something.
  10. I love animals – they’re super cute and furry and I just love them.
  11. I love wearing sweatpants – all day every day, never get sick of it.
  12. My favourite colour is black – everything black.
  13. If I don’t have my glasses on, I’ll keep saying “I’m blind” to everyone, even though my prescription is really low. like -0.5.
  14. I don’t like eating too much sweet stuff because, well, it’s too sweet.
  15. I love science and chemicals.
  16. I’m unimaginably lazy it’s not even funny.
  17. I love dark chocolate.
  18. I love working out and I love buying new workout gear/clothes. It makes me happy.
  19. I love experimenting and trying new things.
  20. I love traveling, though I don’t do it as often as I would like to.
  21. A beard is one of my favourite things on a guy (ahem, hi you.)
  22. I’m committed to one person only and I always will be.
  23. I’ve always wanted to try doing youtube since I was little.
  24. I love reading – whoever doesn’t is boring.
  25. I love writing. It’s therapeutic in a way.
  26. I enjoy programming.
  27. I think math is fun but I hate doing it.
  28. My friends know more about me than I know about myself. Maybe.
  29. I love sports. Playing, not watching.
  30. My hidden talent – that’s not so hidden – is that I can sing. I love singing. I will literally be singing everywhere, no matter where I am.
  31. Winter is my favourite season.
  32. Despite the temperature, I always sleep with the AC on.
  33. I like paper. Having new stationery/notebooks/paper is so satisfying to me.
  34. I love photography.
  35. I like taking pictures of the sky.
  36. I love sleeping and I love naps.
  37. I love wearing big shirts.
  38. One time I kinda slipped in the shower and to stop myself from falling, I tried to hold onto the water. I managed not to fall, though.
  39. I once went 7 months without talking to my best friend because of a fight we had.
  40. I tell really lame jokes. I am lame.
  41. I love my family so much.
  42. I’m so lucky to have people who love and care for me.
  43. I will always support and defend the people I love.
  44. I love makeup but most of the time I prefer being bare-faced.
  45. I’m actually just a big baby.
  46. And I’m a really tiny person.
  47. I love babies so much. They’re literally the cutest little things ever.
  48. I can’t wait to start a family of my own with the one I love.
  49. I love baking. Cakes, brownies, muffins. Cookies, I love cookies.
  50. My favourite quote – “Age is just a number; maturity is a choice.”

Almira x

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