50 Facts About Me

○I hate racism.
○I’m great with kids.
○I’m afraid to be in a room full of people I don’t know.
○I see beauty in everything.
○I love listening to music.
○I love being in the mood where everything is hilarious.
○I love singing/to myself.
○I laugh/cry for no reason sometimes.
○I talk to myself.
○I’m a fitness addict.
○I’m weird.
○I’m short.
○I get bored easily.
○I’d rather stay in bed with a laptop.
○I always make up stories in my head.
○I’m either always hungry or not hungry at all.
○I can spend hours doing nothing.
○I daydream alot.
○I have unrealistic fantasies.
○I’m childish.
○I’m obsessed with quotes.
○I have a huge collection of words.
○I have a weird imagination.
○Music motivates me.
○I love being sarcastic.
○I like making people smile.
○I hate math.
○I love working out.
○I’m stubborn.
○I like baking.
○English is my first language.
○I’m multilingual.
○I like making lists.
○I love sleeping.
○I procrastinate alot.
○I’m comfortable with silence.
○I’m a brunette.
○I’m clumsy.
○I have light brown eyes.
○I sing in the shower.
○I love fashion.
○I love tea/coffee.
○I can’t swim.
○I could be in a pool for hours.
○I smile at strangers.
○I love little kids.
○I hate waking up early and being woken up.
○I only wear what I’m comfortable in.
○I love beaches.
○I’m different.
Annnnnd a bonus fact- I love my present and future followers ♡

Allie x

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